Right of withdrawal

This text was translated from German into English. Switch to German for the original, legally binding version.


Right of withdrawal

- Consumers may withdraw from the contract within 14 days.
Notification of your right of withdrawal

Within 14 days upon placing your order you may cancel your order without justification either in written form (e.g. by letter, fax, e-mail) or – if you have received the articles before this deadline – by returning the articles. This period start with the receipt of this notification in written form, but not before the consumer has received the articles neither before all legal obligations of notification have been fulfilled according to "Artikel 246 § 2" together with "§ 1 Absatz 1 und 2 EGBGB" as well as our obligations according to "§ 312g Absatz 1 Satz 1 BGB"together with "Artikel 246 § 3 EGBGB". The right of withdrawal is kept as long as the cancellation or the articles have been sent before the deadline to:

Robert Schwandl Verlag, Hektorstr. 3, 10711 Berlin

Consequences of exercising your right of withdrawal

In case of an effective withdrawal received services and, if applicable, resulting usage (e.g. interests) have to be returned. If you are not able or only partly able to return the received services, or only in a worse state, you will need to compensate this loss. You will only need to compensate the loss of value if the usage was beyond what is the normal checking of the articles characteristics or functioning, as you would be able to do in a shop, too. We will take the risk of articles being returned as parcels. 

4a. Remittance costs in case of exercising your right of withdrawal 

You will have to pay for the remittance if the article delivered was what you ordered and the price of the artilce was below 40 EUR. In other cases the remittance is free of charge for you. Articles that cannot be returned by post will be collected. Refunds will be issued within 30 days upon receipt of the returned articles.