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[Robert Schwandl]

All Underground and Elevated Stations in Colour  - NEW EDITION!

The Berlin U-Bahn Album was first published in 2002. In this new edition, Robert Schwandl once again presents all the Berlin U-Bahn stations in full colour, from the impressive ‘cathedrals’ like Rathaus Spandau and Hermannplatz to the less spectacular ones. In recent years, many stations have been modernised: some have been completely restyled, while others have only been upgraded slightly to meet modern requirements, e.g. by adding a lift; a few have even been restored to their original appearance. This book thus captures the current state of all the stations and explains (in German and English) the changes made over the last ten years.

Second edition, published in May 2013

160 pages
Network map
approx. 300 colour photos
Text German & English

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