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[Robert Schrempf]

With a gradient of 1 in 9 from the city centre of Linz up to the Pöstlingberg

The generously illustrated book covers the story of the Pöstlingbergbahn in Linz (Austria), the steepest adhesion railway in Europe, which started operating between Urfahr and the Pöstlingberg in 1898. After a period of modernisation, the Pöstlingbergbahn is now linked to the Linz tram network, with trains running through to the city's main square, Hauptplatz. Besides the new vehicles ordered to cope with a gradient of 1 in 9, heritage tram cars continue in daily service. Special chapters give an insight into the city's modern tram system as well as the short tram line in Gmunden, some 55 km southwest of Linz.

Published on 7 Dec 2009

80 pages
Network maps
ca. 150 colour photos
Text German & English

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