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[Robert Schwandl]

All Rapid Transit Station in the Hanseatic City in Colour

This books introduces you to both rapid transit networks in Hamburg. Illustrated with more than 400 colour photos it tells you the history and the peculiarities of each line and each station. You can also find a short description of all current rolling stock. Detailed maps and bilingual texts (German + English) help you to understand the dense network. Hamburg's metro (the Hochbahn) was opened as early as 1912 and is thus one of Europe's oldest metro systems. Ever since it has been extended to a total length of 100 km. A ride along the elevated harbour route is one of Hamburg's tourist attractions. Besides the metro, the S-Bahn is another important rail system within and around the city. Similar to the Berlin S-Bahn it is operated with direct current supplied via a third rail.

Published on 12 Nov 2004

144 pages
Network map
approx. 400 colour photos
Text German & English


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