Schwandl's TRAM ATLAS SCHWEIZ & ÖSTERREICH (2nd edition)

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Schwandl's TRAM ATLAS SCHWEIZ & ÖSTERREICH (2nd edition)

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[Robert Schwandl]

Detailed Maps of all Swiss and Austrian Tram, Light Rail, Underground Networks & Trolleybus Systems

This book includes a detailed colour map featuring stops, single-track sections, turning loops, other railway lines, etc. for each of the numerous Swiss and Austrian tram systems. Basic data like route length, track gauge, vehicle types, city population, operator, etc. is provided in a box. Besides the tram systems, also light rail and U-Bahn systems as well as trolleybus systems are covered. Each chapter is enhanced with photographs of the present rolling stock.

112 pages

 Network maps
approx. 100 colour photos
Text German & English


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